Terms and Conditions of the e-B2B.org Portal

Last update : June, 2013


1. Regulation : this Regulation.
2. User : any person or incorporated body that makes use of the e-B2B.org Portal.
3. Portal : international business e-B2B.org Portal | EUROPEAN BUSINESS PLATFORM, http://en.e-b2b.org.
The e-B2B.org Portal is owned by the PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS, registered address Wosia Budzysza 7 str., 80-612 Gdańsk, Poland, UE TaxID: PL583-203-06-00.
4. Sign up : the procedure creating a free of charge User account with the Portal.
5. Content : multilingual Content published on the Portal, business offers, trade leads, advertisement, company profiles, product and services descriptions, business references.
Each Content consists of an up to 50 characters title, which is also and active HTML link, an up to 250 characters synopsis, the main description (up to 2000 characters), SEO keys (max. 10 expressions) and a photo gallery.
6. Translators : a team of professional translators employed by the Portal, who provide translation and Moderation of the Contents to: Russian [RU], Polish [PL], German [DE], English [EN].
7. Moderation : includes examination, of the Content published on the Portal by the Users, and edition, suspension and removal in the case when it defies the Regulation, Law, proves to be a duplicate Content, or contains linguistic errors.
8. Our Services, we do :
8.1) translate the Users' Content published on the Portal,
8.2) promote the Content by means of the e-Points,
8.3) facilitate advertising and marketing: we publish the advertising material submitted by the Users on the Portal, offer ad banners, e-mail campaigns, and other forms of advertising and marketing.
8.4) searches: we provide the search tools that facilitate searches for the Content stored on the Portal's servers,
8.5) facilitate business deals: the Users can deal and enter into the contracts with customers as regards the Content published on the Portal.
8.6) facilitate communication between the Users providing the communication and data storage tools.
9. e-Points : using this tool the Users can enhance presentation of the selected Content and order translation of the Content. The e-Points can be purchased and remain valid for a year since the date of the purchase.
10. The Data Base : means the data collected by the Portal by means of the software tools provided by the Portal to the Users. The Data Base stores the communication addresses data of the registered users, their Content and other data included in the Sign Up form.
10.1) The personal data stored in the Data Base as a result of the Sign Up include: the user name (login), password, given name and family name, e-mail.
10.2) The personal data stored in the Data Base as a result of the Sign Up to the business PREMIUM accounts include: the user name (login), password, given name and family name, e-mail, the registered address of the business, TaxID, www address.
The Portal holds the sole rights to the Data Base.

Base provisions
1. You can use the Portal free of charge except where the functionality is offered to the PREMIUM users only or an e-Points charge is imposed.
2. The Portal operates as set forth in the present Regulation.
3. The Regulation defines the terms and conditions of the Your operation on the Portal. You commit yourself to strict compliance with the Regulation at the moment of initiation of the process leading to the Portal use.
4. Before using the Portal read the Regulation carefully. By using of the Services offered by the Portal in any way whatsoever, in particular when placing any Content on the Portal, You confirm your acceptance and recognition of the Regulation and commit yourself to unreserved compliance.
5. You must be aware, that certain Services or Content provide full functionality under the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and to the systems supporting Java Script, Java, Flash and accepting the cookies.

User's rights and obligations
1. You can only use the Portal while abiding to the Law in force, in particular to the rules governing intellectual property rights.
2. You should place unique Content in the Portal, as this is instrumental for quick and effective positioning of the Content in the internet search engines.
3. You shall not use the Portal in breach of the Regulations, the principles of integrity and good manners.
4. No illegal Content can be placed on the Portal.
5. You shall not copy and reproduce the Content that is already published on the Portal.
6. You shall not publish the Content translated with use of automatic translators or similar language services.
7. You shall be liable for all damage arising from activities in breach of the provisions herein.
8. You can initiate Moderation of any Content by use of the "Report abuse" button.
9. You can use the "Suggest translation" button, which sends a system generated, unsigned message to the User holding the Content, prompting him to request translation.
10. You shall place the Content in the appropriate categories. If the relevant category is not available, You should place the Content in the "Other": category and advise addition of a new category by mail to: support@e-B2B.org.

Portal's liability for the Users' activities
1. You can use the Portal only at your expense and risk.
2. We hold no liability, for use of the Portal by the Users or by the Third Parties in breach of the Regulation.
3. We do not share the views and opinions expressed on the Portal in any way by the authors other than the Portal.
4. We do not offer any warranty of error free and undisturbed operation of the Portal nor of the Content published therein, as regards truth, accuracy, or usability of the provided information.
5. We do not hold liability for any loss or damages, including consequential damage or loss of the expected benefits, incurred on the Users by unavailability of the Portal, and caused in particular by force majeure, erroneous operation, breaks, including the ISP's breaks, hardware and software defects or noncompliance to the Regulation by the Users.
6. We reserve the rights to decide unilaterally about the Content, alterations and modifications in the Portal's Content and form without obligation to advise the Users about.
7. We hold no liability for the results of Users' use of the information and data provided by the Portal.
8. We hold no liability for the results of Users' transactions or operations effected by means of the Portal.

Copyrights and intellectual property
1. The Portal publishes the Copyright protected Content: documents, trademarks, and other items, in particular text, photographs, graphics, sound and audio/video material, while the choice and layout of the published Content makes an autonomous subject of the Copyright.
2. We remind and the Users, that the autonomous copyrighted Content published on the Portal is protected, and strongly urge the Users to respect the Intellectual Property Law.
3. The Portal Publishes only the Content to which it holds the Copyrights.
4. The Users can only use the published Content for their personal use.
5. The Copyrighted material can only be used, in particular copied, transferred and published, only with the consent of the competent Parties.
6. By publishing your Content on the Portal You are giving consent of personal use by other Users and for edition, copying and distribution by the Portal.

Translation and Moderation
1. We employ only the professional Translators.
2. Translation and Moderation of the Content shall be completed within 3 business days and cover the following languages: Russian [RU], Polish [PL], German [DE], English [EN].
3. The Content can be translated only after approval in the Moderation Process of the source version matching the native language of the User indicated in the Sign Up.
4. If You order the translation, You can complain once about the translation service, using a web form. You shall provide a detailed description and justification of the complain in this form.
5. You can publish free of charge on the Portal your own business offers, trade leads and advertising in accord with the provisions of this Regulation.
6. Current price list of the Services offered by the Portal for the User's home country is available at the "Account comparing" and "e-Points" section of the Portal.
7. The Translators and the Administrators of the Portal Moderate all Content published by the You.
8. You can initiate Moderation of any Content by using the "Report abuse" button and the "Suggest translation" button.

Invoices and Payments
1. You pay for the Services in advance by purchase of the e-Points.
2. Current price list of the e-Points and the Services offered by the Portal for the User's home country is available at the "Account comparing" and "e-Points" section of the Portal.
3. You can pay by PayPal, PayU, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Western Union, with your credit card Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Discover, American Express or by a bank transfer.
4. You shall get an VAT invoice in English or in Polish within 5 business days since the purchase. The invoice will be mailed by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated in the Sign Up. The itemised name of the service on the Invoice will be the following: e-B2B.org Portal: e-Points package.
5. Value Added Tax:
5.1) 0% VAT for the companies registered in the European Union subject to the inter-EU VAT,
5.2) 0% VAT for the companies registered outside the European Union subject,
5.3) 0% VAT for the individuals living outside the European Union countries,
5.4) 23% VAT for Polish subjects,
5.5) 23% VAT for the individuals living in the European Union countries.
6. The Portal has no access and therefore does not collect the data relating to the credit card payments. All the payment operations are effected by the independent operators of the secure internet transactions.

Privacy protection
1. You can define the scope of protection of your personal data.
2. The Portal abides to all law relating to the privacy protection and the Users' personal data protection.
3. The Portal will collect data necessary for provision of the services, that are not personal data.
4. We notify You, that the Portal places the cookies on your computer, which later enable identification of the returning User, and recognition his interests and needs.
5. We collect the Data Base data for our use only.

Personal data protection
1. You will be requested to provide certain personal data while Signing Up if You want access to certain Services provided. The Data will be stored in the Data Base and used by the Portal in accord with the Law in force.
2. The Portal serves as Administrator of the Users Data Base.
3. You hold the right to inspect your personal data, adjust them and request cessation of their use, unless the data in question are necessary for the service provision, whereby your request will be interpreted as termination of the Agreement with the Portal.
4. You shall be advised, that when submitting complaints about Portal operation, You will be requested to provide certain personal data and your correspondence will be stored by the Portal.
5. The personal data of the Users are subject to the utmost protection, and in particular, the Portal will not disclose the e-mail addresses of the Users.

Claims procedure
1. You can submit claims concerning the Services offered by the Portal in writing, in English or in Polish language, by a registered mail to the address: PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS, (Portal e-B2B.org | EUROPEAN BUSINESS PLATFORM), ul. Wosia Budzysza 7, 80-612 Gdańsk, Poland.
1.1. The claims concerning the translation provided by our Translators or Moderation of the Content have been address under the Translation and Moderation section.
2. You shall include your name, surname, address, e-mail and phone number in your claim and the description of the circumstances motivating your claim submission.
3. The claims shall be answered within 21 days since the day of the claim serving to the Portal.

Closing provisions
1. The Regulation shall become binding as of 01.07.2011.
2. Issues not addressed in the present Regulation shall be resolved according to the Law in force. Jurisdiction of Poland applies. The unsettled claims or disputes can only be filed with the Polish court competent for the Portal's registered address.
3. The Portal can amend the Regulation at any time.
4. The amendments to the Regulation shall be published in the Portal.
5. The amendments shall become binding on the day of publication.
6. Continued use of the Portal after the amendments are introduced, shall imply approval of the new Regulation.
7. All queries concerning operation of the Portal shall be submitted in English or in Polish to the e-mail support@e-B2B.org.
8. This English translation of the Regulation has been offered for information, and easy reading only. In the case of dispute, the Polish text of the Regulation is binding.

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