How to order a translation of an ad in Portal


How to order a translation of an ad or B2B business offer in Portal

If you plan to develop your business and company abroad, want to increase the sales of your products/services outside your country, want to acquire new foreign customers or to check if there is interest in your product/service abroad, use our innovative offer and possibilities of an international business Portal, which offers translation service of ads and B2B business offers.

Your translated ads or business offers will also be indexed by all international search engines such as Google, Yahoo, BING,, and others.

6 simple steps

Register a free user account in Portal ❱❱❱ Registration

There are no hidden fees. The free user account will always be free of charge.


Add free adds or B2B business offers in English [EN]

Find Assets in menu on the left and click Add business offer.

Remember to always make the content of each Material* (above all its title and summary description) published in Portal unique.


Wait until your ads and B2B business offers are accepted by moderators of Portal

The moderation process of Materials* lasts up to 2 working days.


Buy a relatively large package of e-points for translation service or independent promotion of your Materials* ❱❱❱ New payment.

Click New payment in Payments menu on the left or click:

Buy e-points

Buying e-points available in relevant packages enables you to save more money. The larger package of e-points you buy, the cheaper each e-point is, so you save more by buying more e-points.


Order a translation of your selected ads and B2B business offers into Polish [PL], Russian [RU] or German [DE] to Portal

Click Your business offers in Assets on the left ⇨ find the ad or business offer in English which you want to translate ⇨ click MORE DETAILS ⇨ find TRANSLATIONS table ⇨ in Purchase translations click the appropriate flag – a selected language into which you want to translate your ad or business offer.

Ordering translations

The translation process of Materials* might last up to 5 working days.

The cost of translations

The cost of translation of your selected Material* by our Team of translators into Polish [PL], Russian [RU] or German [DE] is

100 e-points

Remember to increase the effectiveness of your translated ads and business offers or free ads in English even by 500% by means e-points

Click Your business offers in Assets on the left ⇨ select appropriate language in Language version table by clicking the right flag ⇨ find the add or business offer you want to promote by means e-points ⇨ click MORE DETAILS ⇨ find EFFECTIVE PROMOTION AND SPECIAL MARK OUT table ⇨ enter appropriate number of e-points into the box ⇨ click ASSIGN E-POINTS.

Promotion by e-points

You can influence the ranking of your translated ads, B2B business offers and of other Materials* in English by distributing e-points appropriately.

A greater number of optimization e-points is a factor influencing the higher ranking in TOP1 in a particular category of business ads on Portal home page in the appropriate language version. The user of Portal, who allotted the greatest number of optimization e-points, will be featured and promoted on TOP1 in the appropriate category of ads.


Only promoted ads and B2B business offers, presented directly in TOP1, on Portal home page are most effective! Materials* which are not promoted by means of e-points, will become one of thousands of other non-promoted ads and B2B offers in

* Materials ❱❱❱ multilingual, moderated content presented in an international business Portal in an electronic form: free adds, B2B business offers, presentations of a company’s profile, presentation of products and/or offers, letters of recommendation (reference letters). All materials consist of a title which is an active SEO link (up to 50 characters), a short description (up to 250 characters), an extended description (up to 2000 characters), key words (up to 10 phrases) and a photo gallery.

Your multilingual Materials* will also be indexed by all international search engines such as Google, Yahoo, BING,, and others.


We wish your company further growth abroad and
every success in your business!


The Team




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