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Polish tech entrepreneur Jacek Lipski announced this week that after a period of 6 years of successful trading he is putting his innovative and popular business-2-business advertising Portal up for sale. "It has been a very difficult decision", Lipski commented, "after seeing the project through from cradle to grave and watching it grow and flourish over the last 6 years, I’ve become really attached to it. But it’s the right time to let go. Somebody else needs to take it to the next level, and I have a whole bunch of new and exciting starter projects that need my attention".

International business Portal was launched in 2010 and is a free multilingual B2B web platform where companies of all sizes from all over the world can advertise their latest business offers, trade leads or ads in an attractive and highly user-friendly format. Hosted in English (front-end, back-end and moderation panel), and offering translation services for advertising in Polish, Russian and German, the site has attracted over 7500 registered users from all the major trading economies of the world including China, the USA, the UK and India, whilst also offering unique access to hundreds of thousands of potential customers in central and eastern European markets such as Poland, the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

Nearly 10,000 individual business offers, trade leads and adverts have been advertised on the site since its launch, covering over 350 product and service categories, including everything from agricultural, engineering and industrial products, to finance, management consultancy and IT services. In addition to placing individual adverts, registered companies can list their products, services and contact details in an impressive world-wide Directory of over 570 co-members. Philip Davies, a registered user from the UK, commented that "the great thing about is its simplicity. It aims to get businesses from around the world talking to each other, collaborating and sharing their product ideas. It’s easy to use and ideal for the business user with many competing tasks and responsibilities."

Portal has quickly grown to become an advertising portal of reference for businesses all around the world who are looking to expand their sales into new markets and who want to deal directly with buyers in their target countries. Adverts can be time-indexed to all the major international search engines such as Google, Yahoo, BING, and, increasing reach and exposure to the wider world of Internet searches. Registered users also receive a weekly newsletter, containing a summary of trade leads and business offers, providing an additional – and direct – source of advertising for users and members.

Jacek Lipski is well-known in his native Poland as a visionary small entrepreneur and business mentor for SMEs, having started the project in Sep 2010 as a second ‘hobby’. Other success stories include his biometric or proximity card Time&Attendance and Access Control solutions, and his revolutionary SMS EasyReader&Printer app for printing and managing SMS text messages on Windows Phone or Android smartphones. He’s also in high demand as a freelance project manager and business development manager, a line of business he is keen to develop in the future.

Jacek’s record of designing and implementing attractive and user-friendly technical solutions speaks for itself, Portal even won the 'Innovative Service' category and was awarded the title 'Regional Leader in Innovation and Development' in 2011. Furthermore, the numbers never lie... as can be seen in Portal impressive performance statistics [homepage: Statistics], which he is proud to confirm have never been artificially enhanced or manipulated.
"What you see is what you get!"

On announcing his decision, Lipski commented, "I’d be delighted to talk to anyone who thinks they can take this business on to the next level and I am open to offers and proposals of any sort". "The business (the Portal is for sale, and if anyone is thinking of expanding their business interests into eastern Europe (and Poland in particular), then investing in our international business Portal could be the perfect opportunity". He added, "I know how daunting it can be to take on a tech business, so I’ll also provide free ongoing technical support and advice to any purchaser who wants it for a period of one month and am available thereafter on a paid basis". "Drop me a line. Let’s talk! And as the motto of says, WELCOME TO BUSINESS WITHOUT BORDERS!"

The Portal business is available for purchase by contacting Jacek on:


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10 February 2017  |  Author Jacek Lipski



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