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Microbrewery 300l

Microbrewery 300l
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Microbrewery 300l

Microbrewery with capacity 300l.

Microbrewery 300l (Lager) consists of:
1. 460l Mashing brewing vessel, electric heating, heaters with a power 21 kW. The heaters are in heating jacket so there are no excess protruding parts inside the vessel. Mesh mixing is provided. It is heat insulated.
2. 430l filter tank with double bottom and removable filter plates. Due to the large plates` area, a disintegrant does not required. It is heat insulated.
3. Fermenting block consists of six 360l CCT (cylinder conical tank), each with a cooling jacket throughout the height of the cylinder. It has sealing cap with diameter 450 mm. The tanks are heat insulated by 75 mm of polyurethane foam layer.
4. Brewhouse pump with the auxiliary piping and valves.
5. Control panel for pump, heaters, CCT cooling (each tank`s temperature can be set separately).
6. Roller mill with a power 1.1kW
7. Mini Lab (refractometer, hydrometer, mash sampling bulb)
CCT cooling is made by running water.
8. Chiller (cooling system with a reservoir for the ice-water) 10kW
9. Keg washer

Price of the equipment set is 28,000$
Price of the set without chiller is 23,000$


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