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Edible gold flake

Edible gold flake
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Publication date: 21.01.2015
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Edible gold flake

We now export this edible 95% pure gold flakes as one 0.005g sample packet(gross weight 1.2g) is attached.
One packet of this gold flake is good for the decoration of 4 to 5 cups of tea or coffee as well as cakes and other sweets.

Product: Edible Gold Flake

Item: Composite

Shape: Flake

Content: Gold 95.099%

CAS No. 7440-57-5

Silver 4.901%

CAS No. 7440-22-4

Net Weight:
0.005g/plain plastic packet(gross weight 1.2g/packet)

Edible for small amount(Food Safety Act, Japan)
Certified as natural food additive(Food Sanitation Act, Japan)

Allergen: Nil

Toxicity: Not Applicable

Hazardousness: Not Applicable

Environmental Effect: Not Applicable

First Aid:
In case the flake enters into an eye, wash it with running water.
If you wear contact lenses, take them off and consult with doctor.
In case of inhaling, gargle, clean your mouth and inhale fresh air.

Handling :
Treat it in calm environment.
The flake is easily affected by static. Use static-free picking item such as chopsticks.
Avoid high temperature and humid storage area.


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