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Disposable clothes

Disposable clothes
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Disposable clothes

We offer disposable PPE in assortment:
1) low disposable shoe covers
2) medical cap
3) 3-layer medical mask

1) Low Disposable Shoe Covers
Disposable protective equipment, used to maintain hygiene standards in areas with high traffic. Dress up the street shoes. Material: polyethylene.
Size 16cm x 40cm.
2) Medical Cap
Disposable Clothes of the hair of the head, ears and upper forehead. Material: nonwoven spandbond.
3) 3-layer medical mask
3-layer mask is used in many fields such as cosmetology, production, trade, medicine, etc. 3-layer mask consists of two layers of spunbond non-woven hypoallergenic material that is breathable and meltblaun filtering layer that protects people from various bacteria and germs. By the flexible holder the nose and round gum to fix the ears, this model is popular.


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