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Desiccant dryers

Desiccant dryers
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Desiccant dryers

Topdry container desiccant factory located in China. Topdry desiccant provided competitive price and guaranteed quality desiccant for all company against moisture damage.

Over 300% moisture absorption capability.
TOPDRY container desiccant is based on environmentally friendly TOPDRY calcium chloride desiccant, with powerful moisture absorption ability, what’s more, the desiccant also combine with TOPDRY food grade MOISTURE LOCKED material, once absorb moisture from the air, TOPDRY desiccant will become to gel, solid.

TOPDRY double packaging protection, against moisture leakage
most desiccant sell in world, usually with single package desiccant, only tyvke, TOPDRY H1000, with double package, add the non-woven fabrics outside, don’t think this additional package is unnecessary, because the high absorption rate, or in case the jolt when shipping, or the desiccant be squeezed, at that time TOPDRY is really can help.

360°rotatable hook, special design for you.
If you try other desiccant, with metal hook, can’t be rotated, so that metal hook shape will hugely increased the possibility of cut the PE bag broke, of course, your desiccant will be useless.
While TOPDRY container desiccant with 360°rotatable plastic hook, can be rotated pack well, wouldn’t scratch broke the package bag, caused any damage.

100% environmentally friendly
TOPDRY desiccant 100% free of DMF, non-toxic and pass all tests like RoHS, REACH by SGS, TUV, etc.

If you suffering moisture damage problem, why not give a chance to TOPDRY desiccant for showing you how it can really help.

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