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Cooking oil equipment manufacturers

Cooking oil equipment manufacturers
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Cooking oil equipment manufacturers

Motor: 50 HP
Capacity: 20 TON / 24 Hour
Extract oil from all oilseeds: sunflower, cotton, groundnut, linseed, palm kernel etc

Oil Expeller / Oil Screw Press
Model : Vk-200
( Input Capacity of Seeds to be processed Per Day/24 Hours : 20 Tons )


GearBox : Double reduction Gear box
Kettle / Cooker : Multi stage cooker for the conditioning of seeds
Chamber :Vertical Hinged and can very easily be opened for replacement of worms or cage bars. This
saves a lot of time and labour.
Steel Fabricated Chamber: Reduces time and labour for relining of Cage Bars.
Bearings : Heavy duty Ball and Roller bearings are fitted for maximum life and low noise operation.
Compressing : Crammer Shaft gives extra Cramming of the seed or cake in the Feed
Shaft Withdrawal : The main Worm Shaft can be withdrawn very easily without disturbing the gear
section in any way. Pressing worms and collars can be changed without disturbing the main shaft. The
thrust of the pressure worms is taken upon large spherical roller thrust bearings.
Easy to install, high yield at low operating cost, capable of extracting oil from all known oil seeds.
Reduced internal wear and tear
Best Quality of Oil & Cake.
Maintenance is less & easy
Hardened Worm Assembly
Cast Iron Bodies: For perfect alignment and stability.
Steel Fabricated Base


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