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Blanket desiccant

Blanket desiccant
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Blanket desiccant

Is your cargo suffering from moisture damage? No space for operating desiccant packs? The anwser is here - Topdry blanket desiccant.

Is your cargo suffering from moisture damage? No space for operating desiccant packs? The anwser is here—TOPDRY blanket desiccant.
1. Absorbs 200% its own weight in moisture
2. Moisture turns into gel and Guanranteed leak free
3. Low profile blanket shape is ideal for fully loaded containers in which cargo is tight to ceiling and walls (when TOPDRY P1000 or H1000 cannot be used).
4. For use with dry or moist cargo. Bulk or package loads
5. No need to remove cargo to make room for desiccants. ( Only 2-5 inches free space required on top and/ or side).
6. 2 or 3 TOPDRY B2000 are easier to install than multiple 150-250 gram desiccant sachets.
7. One time use with quick and easy installation, removal and disposal.
8. The best alternative when there is simply no space for the TOPDRYPOLE, TOPDRY H1000 or H750 units.
Low profile design fits easily in tightly stuffed containers

TOPDRY Blankets can be used for all types of cargo. They are especially suitable when the cargo is tightly packed close to the container ceiling and walls. TOPDRY Blankets are also suitable for reefer containers and trailers that do not have lashing rings to hang desiccants.


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