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Barter cooperation?

Barter cooperation?
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Barter cooperation?

Do you want to get advertising and marketing services offered by the Portal for free?

Hello | Вітай | Hallo | Hola | Bonjour | Ciao | Sveiki | Witaj | Здравствуйте | Вiтаємо !

If you have limited funds for advertising & SEO on the Internet, then our international business Portal has a very interesting offer of barter cooperation for you and your company.

On our part we offer advertising and marketing services according to our standard rates, and you will deliver to us your new products or devices according to your standard rates.

What comprehensive services does the Portal offer?
> Mailing directly to our users from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and English-speaking.
> Creation and emission of the multilingual advertising banner (245x120pix, GIF) on the homepage of the Portal.
> Preparation and translation of advertising e-mail into Polish and/or Russian.
> Creation of multilingual business account PREMIUM, PREMIUM PLUS or PREMIUM DELUXE on in CLASSIFIED COMPANIES DIRECTORY.
> Translation of your company’s profile into Polish and/or Russian.
> Creation and translation of all or selected BUSINESS OFFERS into Polish and/or Russian: buy, sell, exchange, establishment of cooperation, looking for a business partner, etc.
> Creation and translation of all or selected PRODUCTS/SERVICES offered by your company into Polish and/or Russian.
> e-Points : The best way to grow your business on the Portal.

If you want to discuss barter cooperation with our Portal then you should contact in working hours 08.00AM - 04.00PM (GMT +1) (Monday-Friday) our ‘Business consultant’ : Mrs. Aneta Sabanovic.
Tel: +48 58 768 59 30
Mob.: +48 505 047 475

Remember, that:
> every day our Team of employees and translators works for international and domestic success of your Company!
> Only active users of the Portal get most successful in business.

Best regards,
The Team


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