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20-60% Fuel gasoline diesel saver - vehicle boiler

20-60% Fuel gasoline diesel saver - vehicle boiler
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Publication date: 04.12.2015
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20-60% Fuel gasoline diesel saver - vehicle boiler

Our patent nano fuel saver do can save 20-60% fuel and reduce 75-90% air pollution CO2, to protect our environment and earth.

Pride of Hi-Tech! A Sensation on the Global Market!
A Newborn baby in the Car/Motorcycle Industry!
Super energy catalytic converter abbreviated as S.F.C also known as Satellite Fuel Divide Energy, is now presented on the global market. This new product ensures it’s marvelous effect on strengthened horsepower, safe engine, prevention of pollution and minimized consumption of fuel, about 20 to 60% of the ordinary consumption.
You are probably considering it to be as incredible a myth as Arabian Nights.
However, it is a patent fact. Don’t you believe it? Why don’t you try it now?
**You will be satisfied with it, or your money will be refunded!
Entitled the result of high-end space tech, Our Satellite Fuel Divide Energy is made of several rare metals and super-alloys with special treating technique and precision casting method thus and advanced space sci-tech product with unique contour and marvelous strength is created. The theory of such a product derives from the electronic and physical property of the super alloy thus fully separating and mystifying the molecule of the gasoline/diesel and L.P.G. /heavy oil. In addition to significantly enhancing the quality and stability of the fuel products, it will also double the flammable surface area of the fuel products thus attaining to the thin fuel combustion effect, and thoroughly eliminating the combustion unstable for various fuels to make the combustion complete and stable thus attaining the extreme fuel efficiency.
Under such a condition, the engine will run smoothly for a stable and powerful driving with the fuel saving rate as high as 20 to 60% without worrying about exhaust gas pollution.
With all these advantages, this newly designed item is evidently incomparable and sensational in the future market both at home and in foreign nations.


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