Xi'an GangYan Special Alloy co.,Ltd.

Xi'an GangYan Special Alloy co.,Ltd.
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Xi'an GangYan Special Alloy co.,Ltd.

XI’AN GANGYAN SPECIAL ALLOY CORPORATION (XAGY), our factory specialized in manufacturing Nickel alloys & Cobalt alloys for 25+ years,with a company mission to provide a high quality, reliable source for precision alloys, high temperature alloys and stainless steels in both pilot processing and mass production. We are professionally manufacturing materials with unique features, which are then used in aerospace, military, electronics, marine, petroleum and petrochemical industries. Now our company has formally marketed in China's new stock market, stock No. 836660.
Base on “Quality-oriented, Leading Technology, Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction”, we believe XAGY Inc can be your best supplier.

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