Shandong Longguang Tianxu Solar Energy Co.,Ltd

Shandong Longguang Tianxu Solar Energy Co.,Ltd
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Shandong Longguang Tianxu Solar Energy Co.,Ltd

Shandong Longguang Tianxu Solar Energy Co.,Ltd
Tianxu is the key supplier for Haier solar, SUNRAIN solar, LINUO solar, Tsinghua Solar etc. SUNTY-ECO is our brother company located in Qingdao for Oversea market. The products have bean sold to South East Asia, South Asia, Africa, European, American countries etc, got very good name.
Shandong Tianxu Solar Energy Co.,Ltd was established in 2002, registered capital of 50 million yuan, the company is located near to beautiful tourism City, and also the main seaport city - Qingdao, is a company engaged in special glass and solar thermal, PV, air and other new energy product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. The main products are high boron silicon solar glass, high borosilicate glass rod, process pipe, borosilicate glass pressing products series of special glass products, is the largest high borosilicate glass and solar production base in China, as well as solar thermal, photovoltaic, air and other comprehensive utilization of new energy products, mainly in the solar water heater, vacuum tube, solar thermal engineering the air source heat pump, solar power products etc.. Currently has 5 electric melting furnace, 3 vacuum tube water heater production line production lines, with an annual output of more than 70 thousand tons of borosilicate glass, solar vacuum tube with 20 million pcs, solar and air source water heater 200 thousand sets.

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