Quanzhou Hengde Bags&Luggage MFG Co.,Ltd

Quanzhou Hengde Bags&Luggage MFG Co.,Ltd
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Quanzhou Hengde Bags&Luggage MFG Co.,Ltd

Quanzhou Hengde Bags & Luggage MFG Co.,Ltd established in 1995. It is located in the South-east coast of China. And Huiyi Trading Co., Ltd is the branch company of HengDe.\r\nWe specialized in School bags,Backpacks,Travel bags,Sport bags,Tool bags,Trolley bag and Laptop bag with different materials for 18years. \r\nWe have built business relationship with international brands, like Fila, Office Depot Mexico, Swiss Gear,Target, Walmart, Disney. Also, We passed social Audit set by companies as listed above. \r\nLocated in the city of Quanzhou near Xiamen, we have a large scale manufacturing facility covering a total area of 60,000 square meters, where we utilize advanced production machinery and employ a professional workforce of technicians and engineers.We have more than 500 workers that can offer more than 300,000 pcs of bags per month.\r\nMoreover, we maintain a strict quality control system with engineers responsible for ensuring total customer satisfaction. Accordingly, our products have gained a strong reputation for high quality, exquisite craftsmanship and durability. We owned designing and sampling departments. The professional can research and design the new styles for client's reference according to the market and product orientation.\r\nWe test the material before we send the material to the test company for testing if there have some material standard requirement from the customer. if we found the material is can't not catch the standard requirement. we will rejected the material before testing that can guarantee our quality and save the time.\r\narious testing machines:Testing zipper machine,testing fabric strength machine,testing trolley machine,testing colorfast with dry machine,Testing salt spray of the hardware and so on.

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