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Portal e-B2B.org

> International business offers : buy- sell- exchange...
> Classified companies directory : extended profile of the company
> Classified companies directory : extended presentation of products/services
> Classified companies directory : letters of recommendations

The main aims of the e-B2B.org | EUROPEAN BUSINESS PLATFORM, which extends to all European countries, particularly in [ BY, DE, ES, FR, IT, LT, PL, RU, UA, UK ] :

> Economic integration of companies, entrepreneurs and individual persons in the form of quick and efficient exchange of multilingual information, with particular emphasis of translated: business announcements, profiles of the companies, products/services, references and letters of recommendations.

> Quick and efficient support of micro, small, medium and large enterprises in a dynamic development, achieving international success in business, acquiring new Clients (buyers/suppliers) without knowledge of foreign languages.

> Providing for users innovative and effective tool for business support in the form of creation of new international distribution channels for products and services, promotion of the company and promotion of multilingual business announcements by using e-Points (optimization points).

> Providing highest quality offered services of dedicated translations and/or moderation of multilingual contents.

> Organization of multi-sectoral trade missions.

> Striving for abroad economic cooperation and to obtain patronage and support of the Ministries of Economy and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the united countries.

> Intensive promotion of the e-B2B.org | EUROPEAN BUSINESS PLATFORM in foreign and national media.

Translations and/or moderation of multilingual contents:

> business announcements : buy- sell- exchange...
> classified directory of companies : extended profile of the company
> classified directory of companies : extended presentation of products/services
> classified directory of companies : letters of recommendations

Dedicated translations made by professional translators of the e-B2B.org portal or translations (moderated by e-B2B.org) made by users of the e-B2B.org portal in any combination of languages and/or countries.

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