Holding B.W. Janssen Nederweert B.V.

Holding B.W. Janssen Nederweert B.V.
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Holding B.W. Janssen Nederweert B.V.

Established in 2008 has earned a reputation of the most well-equipped store for all consumer FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and products at competitive ricing with the added benefit of a customer friendly environment.

We strive to provide the latest products and brands at affordable prices to all our customers. Our core competency is our customer relationship. We have built a trust with our everyday consumer, which has provided us with regular business for over a decade.

Holding B.W. Janssen Nederweert B.V. is now known as the one of the fasted growing wholesales distributors and retailers in The Netherlands. We are retailers from consumer goods, home appliances, office equipment, and luxury goods such as perfumes and lotions from brands around the world.

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