Highton Electronics CO., LTD

Highton Electronics CO., LTD
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Highton Electronics CO., LTD

About US:
sales6@hightondz.com, Highton Electronics Co., LTD is one leading manufacturer specializing in all kinds of Rugged Tablet Phone PDA And industrial computer Manufacturer or Factory or Vendor from Shenzhen city of China, where is the world-side manufacturing base of electronic products.

Our factory has 100-200 employees, covering about 4000 square meters, having 6 production assembly lines, we can assembly about 60000-100000 units per month, and our OEM factory was approved by ISO9001 certificate, strictly fulfill "7S" quality system, we made OEM orders for many domestic and foreign brands, Guarantee that Best Price and Good Quality.

We have our own R&D center, mold and injection department, Engineer department, Production department, Sales department. . . . . . Aiming to manufacture low-cost and good quality.

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