Fujian Hongfeida Automation Technology Co., Ltd

Fujian Hongfeida Automation Technology Co., Ltd
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Fujian Hongfeida Automation Technology Co., Ltd

Fujian Hongfeida Automation Technology Limited Company has been in the fields of chemical industry, energy industry and metallurgy, etc for near ten years. Focusing on professional controlling system, card and other equipments and with the advantage of being near the port of Mawei, our company establishes long-term stable business relationship with famous international manufacturers.

Main products
Honeywell DCS card, the production of the AB card, ABB industrial robot arm, Germany Rexroth servo drive CNC Simon large module 6SN/6FC, Schneider 140/TSX, AB, Yaskawa, FANUC, Rexroth, SEW and other world-renowned brand module, servo control system of DCS board spare parts, etc.

The special service -

Fujian Hongfeida has established active cooperation with worldwide famous industry equipment manufacturer for many years, providing fast access for enquiry on any discontinued product for new and regular customers. Ensuring your demand with reasonable price and instant air-delivery, we provide any kind of discontinued PLC, card and other equipments.

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