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CX Financia
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CX Financia

CX Financia is a highly-focused financial services support company that gives personalized attention to each client. We offer customized business and investor services to corporations and high-net-worth individuals from around the world. Professional to the core, we know and understand that international business is constantly evolving and reinventing itself – as are the methodologies, regulations and idiosyncrasies of the global financial industry.
At CX Financia, we know how to navigate the myriad of ever-changing rules and regulations to deliver optimized solutions to people and organizations while continuing to minimize financial liability and risk, and enhance confidentiality.
Our strengths come from a background in international accountancy, auditing, banking and stock market operations; our experience is industry-relevant and compliance-aware. And we are your single point of contact, which means that we bring real value.
We excel in offering services tailored to the needs of regulated entities in full compliance with regulators across multiple jurisdictions such as CySEC, FSA, Bafin, AMF, and SEC, providing turnkey solutions for European Markets.

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