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Product Description: Halal Frozen processed chicken for human consumption:
- Quality: Grade A
- Freezing Process: BQF (Block Quick Frozen)
- Shelf Life: 24 months

Appearance Requirement:
- Clean
- No Yellow Skin
- No Feathers
- No Bad Smell
- No Blood
- No Black Pad
- No Bruise
- No Chemical Burns
- Moisture Less than 3%

Frozen Requirement :
- Blast Frozen at -40o C
- Stocked at minus 18 degrees Celsius.
- During Transportation : minus 10~15C

Package Requirement:
- 20 kgs carton containing Two 10kgs or Four 5kgs block raped in polythene sheet.
- 10 kgs and 15kg carton or as buyers request.
- Total 28 MT of frozen chicken in 40’ high-Q container stored at -18o C

Shelf Life : 24 months from production date

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