Akdeniz Metal

Akdeniz Metal
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Akdeniz Metal

Akdeniz Metal has become one of the leading regional players in a relatively short period, since the company was established by Mr Omer Ozdemir in 2008.

We have established ourselves in a very competitive market with our high level of service, products and quality. Our company’s success is due to maintaining strict quality control without compromise. 

By staying one step ahead of change throughout our journey so far and spending great resources into research and development, we will continue to grow into
the future.

We are very proud that our work force consists of highly skilled and motivated individuals, who strive to learn, grow and work together ensuring that our company
maintains the quality and service that our clients depend upon.

With stringent control of the industries standards and ever changing technology, Akdeniz metal guarantees to enhance our benchmarks to unsure we remain leading
the way.

Having well established ourselves in Turkey, we are able to make use of our vast knowledge & resources we have in the Aluminium Industry enabling us to provide a large selection of high quality aluminium products throughout the world.

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