Ltd MGL Georgia

Ltd MGL Georgia
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Ltd MGL Georgia

Bulgarian-Georgia-Chinese transport and freight forwarding company “Mgl Georgia” offers land-sea-air cargo transportation between any part of the world with tilt or refrigerator trucks and containers. Our Company actively works for export/import.
Our main strong points are warehouses in Europe. Warehouses in Bulgarian cities Sofia and city Haskowo allows us to offer acceptable rates for groupaj and full truck cargo transportation service.
In addition we can offer land transportation from Greece with or without cemt for groupaj and full truck load. Our warehouse allows are to consolidate cargos at city Athens.
Offices at city ports of Poti, Georgia and Shenzhen, China with low rates allows us to organize secure transportation of your cargo under our inspection.
Reliability and professionalism of our Air transportation agents makes as strong in air transportation sphere.
European and Georgian Insurance makes our service comfortable from any part of the world.

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