Jiangsu Gomon New Energy Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Gomon New Energy Co.,Ltd
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Jiangsu Gomon New Energy Co.,Ltd

Since 1975
The history of GOMON goes back to 1975. GOMON GROUP was the first company in china developing pressurized enameled hot water tanks applied in electric water heaters.
JiangSu Gomon New Energy Co.,Ltd as a subsidiary corporation was founded in 1998, Solar hot water tanks and heat pump tanks were developed as core products for the application with renewable energy.

GOMON is the leading manufacturer of enameled hot water tanks for a wide variety of applications. In 40 years GOMON has obtained an extensive knowledge and experience in engineering and manufacturing enameled hot water tanks. Yearly more than 150,000 enameled hot water tanks are being produced in series.

GOMON has a R&D Department with its own laboratory for research and testing in the field of heat transfer, fatigue test and corrosion.
Based on its long term accumulated experience of R&D,on design, quality,economy,etc, GOMON creates optimal constructions and innovative solutions for the various products,catering to the different customers’ requirements,with a high price-performance ratio.
GOMON’s production facility is organized in such a manner that a large number of different executions ,volumes and batch quantities can be produced simultaneously for various customers. GOMON manufactures every essential part of the enameled hot water tanks in-house. This guarantees quality and controls the cost price.

Quality starts with the design. The right material together with an extensively tested lead to a high level of quality. Obviously, GOMON is ISO9001 certified. Furthermore, Our products are with WATER MARK,EN12977-3,CE,ETL,WRAS approved. Quality is also influenced by the human factor. Therefore every employee of GOMON follows an in-house training to acquire the specific skills. Comprehensive working instructions ensure that the quality demands of the product are well-known to all employees.

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