Peanut combined harvester

Peanut combined harvester
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Peanut combined harvester

A harvester is a machine that harvests grain crops or yams. We provide single and double row harvesters with scattering or bunched dumping functions.

Currently, the most popular and traditional mechanized methods of harvesting peanut can be divided into two stages – 1st is dig out fruited peanut plant by trailed harvesters powered by tractors, shake off the soil on those peanuts, and pile them up in the sunshine for airing; 2nd is to pick off the fruits by special equipments. Obviously, the efficiency is quite low.

Our recommended equipments are innovative with special patents - peanut combined harvesters. This machine is multi-functional, which combining digging out fruits, pulling up seedlings, clamping convey, shaking off soil, picking up fruits, vibration sieving, separating by roller and chain, cleaning by fan and collecting fruits. The harvester is high-efficiency, compact structure, flexible of transfer, which easily adapted to soils with different moisture conditions. Since the labor cost keeps increasing, it should be your first choice.

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