Multi-functional Peanut Seeder

Multi-functional Peanut Seeder
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Multi-functional Peanut Seeder

The seeders are suitable for drilling peanut, wheat(rice), corn, millet, sorghum,sesame, etc . They can fertilize while drilling. They can perform drilling. fertilizing. covering. rolling. etc. during one operation.

2BMHF - 4 Multi-functional peanut (corn & cotton) film-covering seeder can accomplish a whole working process, which contains scraping soil, ditching, seeding, earthing, compacting and squeezing, filming, etc. The ski-shaped or shovel-shaped coulter could be adopted in order to adapt to various soil conditions. Hair seeds or light seeds can be sown in line by replacing different planter plates. The frame-type structure will improve the stability of this machine. The coaxial configuration applied on land wheels guarantees the transmission performance. Screw rod is used to adjust the depth of seeding, and this function is very reliable. The structure of this machine is very compact, and the adjustment and maintenance of which are so easy. Moreover, we can add the fertilization device into this machine according to the requirements of customers.

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