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Automatic public toilets, camping and city toilets.

mToilet is a free-standing sanitary module and automatic public toilets.
* Free-standing sanitary module was designed for camping sites, car parks, tent sites, backroom areas of sports fields or for busy tourist trails. This sanitary module is constructed as a ferroconcrete structure or a structure made of insulating composite panels of the “sandwich” type. Typical version of sanitary module comprises two toilets, two shower rooms and a technical room. It is also possibility for planning of other arrangements.
Additionally, the sanitary facility can be equipped with an external kitchen with sinks and electric installation for cooking units, washing machines or power supply installation for caravans.

* Automatic public toilets are fully automated, self-cleaning, user-friendly, adapted to the needs of disabled people, comfortable and safe.
Apart from the traditional form of free standing “urban furniture” we offer a solution that enables installation of prefabricated automatic toilet into a new or modernized building. mToilet automatic toilets meet the highest world standards.

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