Mobile (portable) fingerprint time & attendance system [BIOFINGER-T&A/MOBILE]

Mobile (portable) fingerprint time & attendance system [BIOFINGER-T&A/MOBILE]
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Mobile (portable) fingerprint time & attendance system [BIOFINGER-T&A/MOBILE]

Professional, mobile/portable biometric fingerprint Time and Attendance system [BIOFINGER-T&A/MOBILE], designed for companies in order to precisely register work hours (start-end of work time), guarantee contract employee attendance and increase the level of work security.

> executing contracts, projects
> building, developing
> industrial
> organizing mass events
> hiring contract employees
> other

Basic functions of mobile system BIOFINGER-T&A/MOBILE:
> time and attendance
> record of employee attendance
> record of work hours
> on-line events monitoring (T&A statuses)
> accounting for actual work hours only
> collaboration with payroll software

> biometric RFID proximity card (MIFARE) + FINGERPRINT
> RFID proximity card + FINGERPRINT
> RFID proximity card
> PIN code

Biometric mobile fingerprint Time and Attendance systems [BIOFINGER-T&A/MOBILE] guarantee and offer:
> effective elimination of dishonest behaviors, such as: failure to observe work hour schedule, showing up late, leaving early without authorization, favors between employees, including false T&A authorization with card substitution or forging signatures on attendance lists
> increasing employee discipline and work ethic
> significant cut down in losses prompted by remuneration of hours not worked
> 100% certainty of users’ identity
> the highest level of security and reliability
> comfort of using a biometric system (carrying RFID proximity cards or memorizing PIN codes is unnecessary)
> short authorization time of users (less than 1 second)
> an option to export registers (AC/T&A events) to payroll software
> feeling of comfort and safety for both the employees and the employer

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