Electronic display of currency exchange

Electronic display of currency exchange
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Electronic display of currency exchange

The sphere of usage is a display of currency exchange, a display for a bank.

Electronic display is meant for reproduction of the information in the digital and graphic modes and so in letters. They’re used by bank branches. Electronic displays are rather easy to manage, they needn’t connect a computer permanently and a management is carried out through a desk. Electronic displays of currency exchange are made for office and for a street application. Standard heights of a sign on a display are 20 mm, 38 mm, 57 mm, 100 mm. a color of indication can be red or green by the wish of the customer. It is possible to produce larger signs on light-emitting diodes (LEDs). It is possible to produce customer’s logotype additionally (15-50 dollars depending on the complication of making). Change of display’s design, size and location of informational windows is free of charge. A corps is an aluminium type, as NIELSEN (the color is black or shining), it is possible to produce a case using edging type FLEXIFRAME, etc.

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