Auto Pan Disc Chain Feeding System for Breeder

Auto Pan Disc Chain Feeding System for Breeder
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Auto Pan Disc Chain Feeding System for Breeder

Feed is delivered by disc-chain in the pipe, which greatly reduce feed damage. Closed feed delivery eliminate pollution and noise, avoid abrasion of feed pipe.

The drive motor is connected to the feed sensor, which gives back signal to start and stop the motor automatically and could meet the breeder feeding requirement for every growing stage.

All the feed pans are filled simultaneously, which can feed the breeder same amount on same time. Eliminate hungry hyperirritability, ensure uniform growth, enhance egg production rate.

Disc soft link ensure cycle supply of feed, easy installation.

Once suspension installed, it’s lifelong used. Feeding density is 30% more than chain feeding.

Mainly composed of hopper, drive system, delivery system, non-feed-remaining corner and pan for female and male breeder.

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