XXL fuel booster plus - fuel catalyst (organic)

XXL fuel booster plus - fuel catalyst (organic)
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XXL fuel booster plus - fuel catalyst (organic)

Clean performance fuel catalyst. it's green fuel technology that turning your fuel into a clean performance fuel. Fuel molecules become finer and enhanced with lubrication & cleaning ability. Finer fuel size maximizes fuel combustion efficiency.

Natural fuel detergent and lubrication enhances mechanical efficiency. Improves Combustion Efficiency by enhance engine performance, reduced fuel usage 20% - 35%, reduced emissions and reduced engine wear, to help keep the engine clean, thus prolonging engine life. Convenient and Efficient:
The recommended mixing ratio is 1:1000 for petrol, 1:800 for diesel and 1:600 for industrial fuel oils. It can be added directly to fuel before use and enhances fuel performance almost immediately.

Safety for Blending with Fuel:
- Bio-hydrocarbons to match with fossil fuel hydrocarbons
- Almost neutral pH of 6
- Soecific gravity of 0.88 close to that gasoline and diesel
- Small amount added to fuel (0.10% in gasoline and 0.125% in diesel)

Environmental Safety:
- XXL Fuel Booster Plus is 100% environmentally-friendly because it is derived from 100% activated palm oil.
- XXL FBP retains the high life-cycle emissions reduction benefits of bio-fuels - whatever little carbon dioxide formed during combustion is recycled as food for plants.
- XXL FBP is 100% bio-degradable in case of spillage and is therefore environmentally-friendly.
- XXL FBP used in much smaller amounts compared to normal bio-fuels and is therefore more sustainable and environmentally and politically correct because thee is less competition in land use for food production.

XXL Fuel Booster Plus Improves Combustion Efficiency - Fuel mixed with XXL FBP produces smaller size of CxHy molecules, and thus resulted in better air-fuel ratio (O2-CxHy), which will provide better combustion efficiency in the combustion chamber. Better combustion efficiency produces less harmful emissions, lower engine temperature and will enhance engine life span.

Characteristics of XXL FBP
100% Natural? YES
Fuel cutting ability? YES
Blends with fuel molecule? YES
Increased oxygen carrying ability? YES
Fuel Lubrication & Cleaning ability? YES
Harmful side-effect? NO

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