Whole chicken weight sorting machines

Whole chicken weight sorting machines
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Whole chicken weight sorting machines

1. High precision and digital weighing sensor system
2. High speed digital filter processing and automatic zero tracking function
3. Unique dynamic weighing anti jamming technology
4. Humanized operating system, easy to learn and operate

Main Specification
1. New designed mechanical structure with IP65 Protection Grade, improving the measurement accuracy and speed
2. Mechanical designed to comply with food and pharmaceutical hygiene standards
3. Quick release drive unit for easy cleaning and maintenance
4. German precision load cell and high-speed weighing signal processing module, to ensure that the system is stable and accurate
5. 50 products memory, quick product changeover
6. Intelligent parameter configuration, adjusted sorting settings according to the product size
7. Easy-to-use operating system and HMI interface
8. Standard model machine can be sorted objects into 9 weighing zones
1. Fish and shrimp and a variety of fresh seafood, poultry meat processing, automotive hydraulic attachments classification, the daily necessities weight sorting packing etc many fields
1. Online dynamic weighing &automated sorting equipment, which is mainly used for products through labor production lines, it can weight and sorting the continuing running products with the different weights into the different groups in accordance with the preset weight , and also with the function of automatic classification and statistics and a variety of data storage

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