Wet wipes production line

Wet wipes production line
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Wet wipes production line

Machine characteristic
*control system: multi-axis motion controller
*drive element: servo motor
*operate interface: 10” lcd touch screen
*cutting: synchronous flail knife

*Packing style: automatic distribute, 2 sets packing machine can respective online
*Unwinding structure: 52(40) sets unwinding belt
(The tension of each group is controlled individually)
*Frequency division detection: 52(40) electronic eyes detect online
*Frequency division pulling: 2 sets dry wipes pulling, 1 set wet wipes pulling
*Auto splicing: film automatic splicing, label automatic switching
*Frequency division detection: nonwoven, film, label detect respectively
*Joint detection: Detection online
*Inferior eliminate: paste connector rejected online
*Flow control: 2.5-4 times, flow meter control
*Moisture type: 52(40) fluid pipes spray independently (another 52 or 40pcs of wetting spray can

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