Water mark approved electric hot water heater

Water mark approved electric hot water heater
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Water mark approved electric hot water heater

New Technology - Water storage tanks are adapted to the advanced technology of vitreous enamel inner tank, which fuses to solid steel at about 900°C. The result is a smooth and tough surface that effectively resist the corrosive attacks of hot water chemicals, thus ensuring a long life span of water tank, especially suitable for the areas of hard water.

Best materials -
*Enamel: imported from USA Ferro who is the worldwide biggest enamel manufacturer;
*Inner tank steel: from Baosteel who is the Chinese biggest steel manufacturer;
*Steel surface cleaning Grit: imported from French W Abrasives who is the worldwide biggest abrasives manufacturer;
* Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve: imported from Canadian Watts;
*Thermostat: imported from USA Emerson;
*Electric Element: from Sweden company Backer / Japanese company Kawai.

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