Water and waste water treatment

Water and waste water treatment
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Water and waste water treatment

The main activity of our company is providing process equipment, environment protection, water and waste water treatment solutions and systems for industries and municipalities.

Prozess & Umwelt Systeme GmbH has been established in Bremen, Germany.
Prozess & Umwelt Systeme GmbH’s Products and Services are:
Water Treatment Equipment
• RO ( Reverse Osmosis System)
• Ultra Pure Water Package
• UF ( Ultra Filtration System)
• EDI ( Electro Deionization System)
• CPP (Condensate Polishing Plant)
Waste Water Treatment Equipment
• Sewage Treatment Package
• Paint Removing – Clarifying Package
• Oily Water Package
• MBR Package
• Grease Trap
Disinfection System
• Electro Chlorination Package
• UV ( Ultraviolet ) System
• Ozonation Package
Process Equipment
• Oil separators
• Refrigeration and Dehydration systems
• Fuel gas heater packages
• Filtration Equipment
• 3 Phase separator
• Well test separator and equipment
• Chemical dosing packages
• Fresh water maker
• H2 & O2 Packages

Our clients
• Power Plants
• Textile Industries
• Oil , Gas and Petrochemical Plants
• Cement Factories
• Pharmaceutical Industries
• Auto Industries
• Food Industries
• Municipalities
• Water and Waste Water Treatment companies and organizations

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