Waste Incinerator Plant 3.5 tons/h

Waste Incinerator Plant 3.5 tons/h
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Waste Incinerator Plant 3.5 tons/h

Our company is very active in the waste management market with lot of experience. Currently we are building a high capacity incinerator, capable to burn all kind of wastes (including hazardous waste). The capacity of the plant is around 3.5 tons/h

At this moment the completion of the project is around 80%. To make it more energy efficient, we attached to this plant a steam turbine which produces 3.2 MWh hour. At this moment the project is 80% completed and has all permits and authorizations issued. To cope with high capacity of feeding we started to build a waste deposit near to the plant.

At this moment we are looking for a partner to join us in this business and together to finish and develop this project for the EU and Romanian waste market.

Here is a brief presentation of the project:

Total of investment: 23.000.000 euro
Completion until now: 80%
Energy recovery: Yes, 3.2MWh from turbine
Burning capacity: 3.5 tons of waste/hour including Hazardous waste.

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