Washing Machine Capacitor

Washing Machine Capacitor
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Washing Machine Capacitor

Washing Machine Capacitor

Washing Machine Capacitor

1. Shell: ABS, polypropylene, aluminum
2. Characteristics and Uses: The product has good stability, impact resistance current, overload and strong, low loss, high insulation resistance, long life rated, self-healing performance, built-in flame-retardant epoxy resin filling safe and reliable, capacitor leakage and liquid materials, nontoxic, environmentally and so on. Mainly used in refrigerators, air conditioners, motors, pumps, generators, washing machines, household appliances, electronic products and so on.

3. Technical parameters: Capacity range: 3μF ~ 150μF Capacity Deviation: ± 5%, or by customer requirements. Rated voltage: 125V ~ 500VAC, 50/60Hz Operating temperature range: -25 °C ~ +70 °C Dissipation factor: ≤ 0.003 (20 °C .50/60Hz) Resistance between terminal voltage: AC ≥ 1.75Un 5S no breakdown Resistance between terminal voltage and the shell: AC ≥ 2000V 10S no breakdown Insulation resistance: between terminations Rj · C ≥ 3000MΩ.μF; shell terminal and inter-Rj ≥ 1000MΩ Department Implementation of the standards: GB/T3667.1-2005 IEC60252-1: 2001.
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