VTP high vacuum transformer oil filter machine

VTP high vacuum transformer oil filter machine
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VTP high vacuum transformer oil filter machine

VTP vacuum transformer oil filter machine can satisfy the installation or maintenance field of transformer for pumping air into vacuum state, and at the same time complete the transformer oil degassing, dehydration processing, shorten the oil processing period.

VTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine combines oil precision filtering, high efficiency of dewatering, degassing, vacuum stereo evaporation technology and automation control technology at an organic whole, the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

1.High filtration precision holds much of sludge, remove the fine particulates out from the oil.
2.Unique degassing, dehydrated material, its evaporation area one hundred times larger than conventional materials.
3.The Transformer Oil Filter Machine has the characteristics of small dimension and high efficiency, convenient movement, particularly suitable for live working in site.
4.The vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine use the advanced fuzzy oil temperature control system , the oil temperature upper and lower bounds can be arbitrary set , make the oil temperature to be interval control.
5. The vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine adopts high automatic degree and the oil temperature level to realize automatic control and automatic protection, safe and reliable, simple operation and convenient.

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