Vent filtrating installation

Vent filtrating installation
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Vent filtrating installation

The installation is used for cleaning the air when cutting metal with laser and plasma. The base of the installation are filter elements with the ability of regeneration.

These filter elements provide the entrance of exclusively purified air in the factory premises.
During the operation of the installation the contaminated air enters through the inlet and is passed though the filter elements. Dust and slurry are collected on the outer surface of the filter elements. Purified air passes through the center of the filter elements to the purified air chamber , from where it is discharged through the discharge port and is mixed with the outside air .
During filter regeneration cycle the power to the solenoid valve is provided , then the valve of the corresponding membrane is activated and sends a pulse of compressed air through the filter elements (from inside outwards) , removing the accumulated dust from the exterior surfaces of the filter elements.
Installation «PROmAIR» is available in four versions : «PROmAIR 3000 », «PROmAIR 6000 », «PROmAIR 9000 » and «PROmAIR 12000».

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