Twin washers DIN 25201 wedge locking washers

Twin washers DIN 25201 wedge locking washers
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Twin washers DIN 25201 wedge locking washers

We are professional in providing twin washers DIN 25201 (wedge locking washers) with competent engineer stuffs.


TWIN WASHERS® has developed a unique security system using tension method instead of friction. DIN 25201 is a norm of wedge-lock system. Twin-Washers cam height is greater than the bolt pitch. In addition, there are radial teeth on the opposite side. The both cams are faced each other. Radial teeth are used under the bolt and the connection surface.

TWIN WASHERS® are tightened under the bolt and/or nut. TWIN WASHERS® loosening happens too little through angle differences and wedge effect blocks it. Even a very low torque when tightening the bolt connection and it creates a wedge effect which can provide to be blocked connection.

TWIN WASHERS® security system uses geometrically to lock bolted connections in the most critical applications.

This offers a unique wedge locking system following advantages:
• Providing maximum safety,
• Provides superior resistance to loosening due to vibration and dynamic loads,
• Ease of assembly and disassembly,
• The locking function is not affected by lubrications,
• Low and high preloads positive locking,
• Preload Control,
• The same temperature characteristics as standard nut & bolt,
• Reusability.

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