Transformer oil testing equipment

Transformer oil testing equipment
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Transformer oil testing equipment

ZJY otransformer oil testing equipmentis wildly applied to accurately measure the dielectric oil breakdown voltage

ZJY automatic Transformer Oil Testing Equipment is highly precise laboratory testing instrument, it is used to determine the withstanding capacity of any insulating oil. BDV test is a test of choice because it takes very less time to conduct and is a precursor to the condition of the insulating liquid, before carrying out extensive series of tests. ZJY Transformer Oil Testing Equipment is accurate automatic oil BDV test set and testing standard can be IEC156 and ASTM according users requirement.


1.ZJY Transformer Oil Testing Equipment are available in a variety of maximum test voltages (60KV,80KV and 100KV)

2. Repetitive test sequence (up to 99 iterations)and average readings (from first to last)

3. Digital display output With LCD screen.

4.ZJY Transformer Oil Testing Equipment can be used to test specimen as per standard IEC 156 and ASTM

5.ZJY Transformer Oil Testing Equipmentis wildly applied to accurately measure the dielectric oil breakdown voltage



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