Transformer oil filtration processing machine

Transformer oil filtration processing machine
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Transformer oil filtration processing machine

To meet the needs of the power maintenance department on-site maintenance of various types of high and low voltage oil equipment, we developed a small size Transformer Oil Filtration Machine with proportion of light weight, easy to move, low noise, continuous working time, stable performance, easy operation. It is the ideal Oil Purification Plant for removing water, gas and impurities from insulating oils.

1. All kinds of oil-immersed transformers, oil-immersed current, voltage transformer and less oil relay, the scene of oil and fuel.
2. The above-mentioned equipment on-site hot oil circulation drying, especially for oil-immersed current, voltage transformer and less oil circuit breaker hot oil circulation is more effective.
3. Sealed oil immersion equipment for on-site vacuum filling and transformer vacuum pumping.
4. Mild deterioration of the transformer oil to purify, to achieve the performance of qualified oil standards.

1. Small size, light weight and easy to move
2. Improving the performance of oil and gas separation..
3. Filter elements of transformer oil filtration machine: non-toxic and tasteless felt made of tubular filter, filter bag large amount of pollution and high precision.
4. Transformer Oil Filtration Machine can be used in the field and the use of the original oil storage tanks.

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