Trac show Turkey 2014

Trac show Turkey 2014
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Trac show Turkey 2014

The prominent exhibition,going to have repercussions all over the world in the tractor, carrier equipments, agricultural machinery & technology sectors.
Date:Sep 4-7, 2014

Meridyen, collaborating with the relevant associations, unions and cooperatives, will perform visits to the Balkan, European, African and Middle East countries which pave the way for the show to be a unique platform where the manufacturers, distributors; foreign investors interested in entering the Turkish market, the bureaucrats and entrepreneurs would like to see Turkish companies in their own countries will be brought together on a single roof.
The agricultural fairs haven’t been picked up steam, being restricted with only regional visitors in Turkey where the companies in the tractor, carrier equipments and agricultural machinery sectors lack for a professional and qualified organization which can host the local and foreign visitors.
Meridyen, the most eligible company, successfully organized approximately 350 international sectoral exhibitions since 1998, is aspired to hold an organization which befitting the Turkish Agriculture sector within the quests in Turkey and the world economy embarked on.

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