Toroidal transformer for sale

Toroidal transformer for sale
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Toroidal transformer for sale

Our toroidal transformers ranging from 30VA to 25KVA, are mainly used to following appliances: audio amplifier equipment, communication equipment, medical equipment, electric control equipment, lighting, etc.

Toroidal Transformer offers many advantages over a conventional Laminated Transformer. Toroidal has a round shape with no air gaps, and with the primary and secondary windings uniformly distributed around the core, "locks in" the magnetic field and makes the Toroidal Transformer very quiet and efficient. Toroidal Transformers, by meeting today's requirements for smaller, more efficient, quieter, and safer products, are being accepted in an increasing range of electronic and electrical equipment. With Toroidal Transformer’s smaller dimensions, lighter weight, and low stray magnetic fields, you can build more compact, lower cost quality products without sacrificing performance.By considering above advantages, Toroidal Transformers are used in place of the old conventional type Transformers, now-a-days. Most of our Toroidal Transformers are custom made according to the specifications from our customers.

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