Textile printing, screen printing

Textile printing, screen printing
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Textile printing, screen printing

Distribution and printing on clothing and blanks, screen printing on fabric to 6 colors (39x53cm).
Transfer screen printing (screen printing applications), palette of colors: Pantone, CMYK, RAL

Materials possible to print:
of fabric: cotton, polyester, nylon, ... dederon
paper, cardboard
transparencies, labels and envelopes
magnetic foils
film infill
Metals: clean and varnished
plates and plastic parts

Used paint:
water, solvent, sublimation,
paint Special reflective, fluorescent, glowing under UV light,
glowing after exposure (photoluminescent), imitating the mirror ...

Screen printing can print on almost anything, different materials, ready-made objects or fragments thereof.
A thick layer of paint, less sensitive to sunlight, ensures intense and long-lasting colors.
Various formulations of paint and allow to achieve results impossible to achieve in other techniques.

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