Supply kcb,2cy gear oil pump

Supply kcb,2cy gear oil pump
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Supply kcb,2cy gear oil pump

KCB,2CY Series gear oil pump
KCB Series gear oil pump is suitable to transport various oil such as crude oil, diesel oil and lubricating oil. The KCB pump with bronze gears can be used to transpot liquids with low flash point such as gasolene and benzene etc. The medium temperature can not be higher than 70℃. Anti high temperature gear oil pump with anti high temperature material can transport the liquids which temperature is no more than 300℃ and viscosity is 5×10-5~1.5×10-3m2/s.
2CY Series gear oil pump is widely used to transport various lubricating oil in lubricant system of machine and equipment. 2CY gear oil pump in cast iron is used for lubricating oil which viscosity is below 10.E(75c.s.t) and temperature is below 300℃. 2CY pump with stainless steel gears can also be used for edible oil and drink etc. The pumps have compact structure and convenient operation and maintenance etc.

Medium: Non corrosive lubricating oil without solid grain and fiber and heavy oil and industrial light oil and edible oil etc.
Range: Oil warehouse,wharf,oil ship, factory, farm and mine etc.

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