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Sunbow PE halogen-free heat shrink tube

Sunbow PE halogen-free heat shrink tube
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Sunbow PE halogen-free heat shrink tube

Sunbow environmentally friendly PE halogen-free flame-retardant heat-shrinkable tube uses ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and low-density polyethylene as the matrix resin, adding excellent flame retardants, homemade compatibilizers, composite lubricants and composite antioxidants. The index of the prepared environmentally friendly halogen-free flame-retardant heat-shrinkable tube not only meets the requirements of the EU RoHS directive, but also the product performance meets the requirements of the UL224 VW-1 flame-retardant standard, reaching or even exceeding the level of similar foreign products. The halogen-free heat-shrinkable tube produced by Sunbow has a smooth and full color surface and excellent tensile strength. Foreign customers have come to Sunbow to place orders.
What is the advantage of Sunbow PE halogen-free heat shrinkable tube?
1. The production of Sunbow PE heat-shrinkable tube adopts regular raw materials and a proprietary formula technology, from extrusion, irradiation, expansion, and packaging, in strict accordance with IATF16949 requirements.
2. Sunbow PE halogen-free heat-shrinkable tube is soft, fast shrinkage, anti-aging, stable comprehensive performance, and flame retardant performance reaches UL VW-1 or above.
3. Every time the PE halogen-free heat-shrinkable tube produced by Sunbow will be tested by professionals for its flame-retardant grade, to ensure that the flame-retardant performance of the produced heat-shrinkable tube meets the RoHs level.
Choosing Sunbow PE halogen-free heat shrinkable tube is a decision you will not regret.

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