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Sunbow fiberglass sleeve, high voltage fiberglass

Sunbow fiberglass sleeve, high voltage fiberglass
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Sunbow fiberglass sleeve, high voltage fiberglass

Sunbow fiberglass sleeve, less than 3 joints in a full roll 100 meters, with good quality and fast delivery, no peer can compare with Sunbow.

The glass fiber tube produced by Sunbow has a full roll of 100 meters and less than 3 joints, which makes the industry peers sigh. When the peers are still using the old semi-automatic weaving machine and the number of joints is at least 5, Sunbow has used an automatic high-speed weaving machine with less than 3 joints in a roll. No peers can compare with Sunbow.

99% of manufacturers on the market now produce fiberglass insulation sleeves, and they are still using the old semi-automatic braiding machine, which will make each roll of fiberglass tubes have more joints, causing great losses to customers, even if they are replaced with high-quality production raw materials, it is still not satisfactory, and it is always impossible to achieve satisfactory results.

Mr. Li of a car manufacturer purchases fiberglass tubes, which require high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, and good tear resistance, with less than 3 joints per roll. The glass fiber insulation sleeves they bought from other manufacturers used to have a lot of joints in a volume of 100 meters. There are at least 5 joints, sometimes up to 8 joints. Because of the large number of joints, they cause a lot of loss, they had to increase the purchase quantity and bear the higher purchase cost.

I promised Mr. Li that Sunbow guarantees that there will be less than 3 joints. He was surprised and could not believe it, because the previous supplier told him that the joints are all problems in the industry, and there are less than 3 joints. The produced fiberglass insulation sleeve also has at least 5 joints. We sent a related video, and after watching it, he liked it.

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