Sun shades / Car curtain

Sun shades / Car curtain
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Sun shades / Car curtain

The shades block 67.3% of UVB radiation and 66.9% of UVA radiation, and are 100% amazing! Luxury and standard materials are available.

"Sun Shades" employ the very latest Laser technology to create a perfectly fitted set of window shades of the
highest quality that can quickly and easily be fitted and removed. Utilizing our 3D laser scanning capabilities, the outline of the windows are digitized in CAD software and the profiles are verified in-house to ensure a perfect fit. After verification, the window shades are produced using CNC
metal bending equipment that forms the shade frames to the same profiles. The frames are then tempered to gain strength and shape memory and then powder coated to protect against corrosion, before finally joining to
the high quality shade material. The shades are such a perfect fit that even with the windows open, or in some cases just closed an inch, they perform perfectly, giving you protection from the sun while enjoying fresh air. The shades block 67.3% of UVB radiation and 66.9% of UVA radiation, and are 100% amazing! Luxury and
standard materials are available. Unlike conventional window tinting, the shade materials create a secondary layer of defense against the sun's heat. As the glass gets hot, heat radiates off the surface of the window. The window shade material creates layer that will hold back hot air,allowing the car's AC system to be more effective. The shades allow the AC to be used less, which helps to increase fuel economy or increase fuel range on Electric / Hybrid vehicles. Installation of the product is very simple, with the High strength magnets are embedded in the shade frame, attracting to the window frame of the vehicle. Fitment is quick and easy requiring no special tools or training, the customer
can easily fit the product themselves. The shades are also easily removed, thanks to the magnetic installation they can simply be pulled off. If the customer needs to remove them for drive-thru services for example, the shades will not be an inconvenience.
For more information, please directly contact us.
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