Sump pump controller

Sump pump controller
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Sump pump controller

Our Oil Smart® System incorporates pump controls and alarm sensors that differentiate between oil and water, allowing companies to responsibly discharge the water without worrying about contamination.

High Water Sensor

The High Water Alarm Sensor is an innovative solution specifically designed to detect the presence of water. The device is an ideal solution for use as a high liquid alarm or leak detection sensor.


See Water capacitive proximity sensors are designed to detect the presence of water. The sensor contains circuitry producing a dc output voltage that is compared to a reference voltage which sets a trip level. The trip level or alarm level is set to signal when water is present. The sensor can be used to actuate relays, indicator lights, as well to interface with pump control panels or PLCs.

UL Listed for the United States and Canada
Low Current Sensor
CE Certified
No Moving Parts
Includes Mounting Hardware
3 Year Warranty
The adjustable pump run time switch is designed for use in general dewatering, wastewater and confined space pumping applications. The Dial-a-Time® is equipped with a 10 position dial that allows the pumping range to be adjusted for the specific need of the job.

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