SPM welding machine for cylinder

SPM welding machine for cylinder
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SPM welding machine for cylinder

NZC2-2200 SPM welding machine is specialized designed for cylinder, the specification as follows.

It’s mainly used for seam welding and inner and outer fillet welding of tubular rotary work piece of auto axle, hydraulic oil tank, fire equipment. According to the different shapes of joint, this can implement docking, angle joint, lap welding in different forms. This machine could combine with argon arc welding, CO2 / MIG/MAG welding, plasma welding, submerged arc welding power supply to make automatic welding system. Welding machine can install two or more welding torch, welding at the same time. It could be equipped with wire feeding device, welding torch automatic hoisting system and welding seam tracking system. It adopts with multi-function touch screen, configure and display welding voltage, welding current, welding speed, and other technical parameters, easy to observe and operation.

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